The game of political chess in Karnataka!

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Soli Sorabjee

The governor has decided to swear in Yeddyurappa. But even that is being denied, and not announced. What do the legal eagles have to say about it? Harish Salve told Prannoy Roy from England that there was no question or great mystery about it, the governor had to choose a stable government, and that, in this case, was the JDS – Congress post-poll alliance. 20 minutes later, I saw him tell Rahul Kanwal on India Today, as emphatically, that the governor was duty bound to give a chance to the single largest party. You think someone called him up in between and reminded him where his loyalties should lie? It’s such a letdown, I used to believe in the man.
And then, there’s Soli Sorabjee. When do you remember him last saying something brilliant, or that Modi Sarkar was wrong on an important matter?
I haven’t heard anything from Fali Nariman on the issue. If you have, please bring me up to speed.

Ram Jethmalani

At least the BJP’s Ram Jethmalani remains forthright and still doesn’t give a damn. He said the governor had but one choice, call in the JDS and Congress and ask them to form the government, based on their greater numbers. Mukul Rohatgi, of course, continues to massage the legal egos of Modi Sarkar, he said the Governor was “obliged to call the largest party” first. But he’s just been appointed as an eminent jurist in the selection committee for appointment of the Lokpal, what else could he say? Also, what did he say before Goa and Manipur? He and India have probably long forgotten.
Retired Supreme Court judge P B Sawant said that there was nothing in the constitutional scheme that would come in the way of the Congress – JDS combine forming the government. Pointing out that a mistake was committed in Goa and Manipur by not calling the Congress to form the government, senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan said the same mistake should not be committed again. Why not? I thought the law was all about precedent. But, maybe not, when applied to the Congress and regional parties.

Sanjay Hegde

Sanjay Hegde, who has worked for a decade as the Advocate on Record for the State of Karnataka, was very clear, the coalition with the largest number of MLAs should be called in, before calling in the single largest party.
And, what of the captive in-house lawyers, PC Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, the Ravi Shankar Prasad type lawyers of the BJP, and the eagles of all the regional parties? It’s no point going into their views because we all know where their loyalties lie. And, Arun Jaitley? What’s his opinion? Well, he has put forth and stoutly defended so many different opinions on the issue that even he must be thoroughly confused…

Roy Daniels

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