The game changing events in Venezuela

Well…..if you have a temperament like mine, or if you are anything like me, then you must have been absolutely ‘lifeless’, in the past week, watching the United States orchestrate a ‘coup’ in Venezuela. It has been horrifying to watch these events, that were played out in real time. These actors who looked like ‘thugs’ have undoubtedly, become so bold and brazen! They appear to be doing everything, completely out in the open….they do not even try to veil their insanity!
Surely, all together, they had endeavored to whitewash this stigma, with their ‘typical’ propaganda. They have veiled and concealed key facts, and have managed to paint Maduro, as a criminal. Even, they did not hesitate to pass around, their cheapest of slogans. 
Where once we had heard, ‘you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists’, now we hear ‘either you stand with the forces of freedom, or you are in league with Maduro and his mayhem’. This is indeed very disgusting!
No…it is not only disgusting but horrifying and saddening as well. However, if there is one thing we gain by watching this tragedy unfold, it is a certain clarity about the state of affairs in our shrinking world. This event has made it evident, that a grave conflict is now inevitable. I am not talking about the ongoing conflict in Venezuela, although this conflict I am referring to, is likely to unfold there as well.
Yes, I am talking about another conflict, that I expect to expand on a much wider frame. This time, I am seriously talking about a global conflict of magnified proportions, that must eventually occur, between two ideologically divergent and incompatible factions, existing within the Venezuelan society.
There is one clon of people which considers ‘war’, to be both, a necessity and a habit. Some members of this group have made their money building and selling ammunition, arsenal, bombs, guns and tanks and missiles. These people need wars, otherwise, they are unlikely to make any money. This is strictly a matter of ‘livelihood’. 
Other members of this group have multiplied their money by acquiring and selling the natural resources of several ‘weaker’ nations. These members also needed ‘wars’, to ensure they had easy access to the resources they want.
While some ‘other’ members of this group had endeavored to make their money, enslaving the poorest people in these subservient and ‘conquered’ nations. How did do they do it? By simply, placing them to work in factories reeking with inhumane working conditions…. and to be rewarded with truly, inhumane wages. 
Still more, the other remaining members of this group are the ‘facilitators’, who continue to work in the government or the media. They plan, organize, struggle, fight, and sell these human tragedies, that emerge from the ashes of ‘wars’,….to a largely scared, and unwitting public.
All these groups of people have formed a close-knit coalition, working together to control and exploit the people around the world. All this effort really is for their own, collective ‘material gain’.
There is, however, the second group of people who are diametrically opposed to the first group, described earlier. These people hate war and love peace. They hate the idea of exploiting the poor. They despise the idea of destroying lives, only for reasons of ‘making a profit’, from the ongoing situation. These people cannot and will not accept such exploitative human behavior. Period!
My dear readers… this is exactly where the conflict lies. One group wages wars for profit, while the other cannot bear to see people slaughtered. One group exploits the poor, while the other cares for the poor. One group destroys the environment and pollutes the earth, while the other cares about sustainability and the health of the planet. One group rules by might, while the other endeavors to work its ways, by principles of individual sovereignty, equality, and justice.
This is the inevitable conflict I am talking about. No doubt about this…. it shall eventually materialize! These two groups will eventually collide with one another, to create untold friction and human impact. I have a strong feeling that there is no way for the one to reconcile with the other. As long as one group is making war, killing people for profit, the other group shall continue with their struggles against them. Good vs evil! Climax and anticlimax!
Do we not realize, this struggle is already taking place? This probably began a long time ago. Certainly, small battles have also engaged both these groups, that had raged in the 1960s during the US anti-war and civil rights movements. However, for a time it had seemed, that the doves who symbolized the people of peace, were largely being beaten back. Under retreat! For a few decades, the rulers of this world went largely unchallenged, but tensions are rising again since the battle had resumed.
For now, the conflict is being waged mostly as a war of ‘attrition’ through the battleground of information. The peace-loving people are fighting to expose the truths, of what is around the world, and the warmongers are fighting to conceal the truth. This, we need to be fully aware of.
For a few decades, the rulers had mostly maintained information superiority, therefore, they managed to keep the truth of their ‘love affairs’ hidden. As time passed, the realities have emerged out from under the dark shadows.
Perhaps, we can all perceive the silver lining under the dark clouds of ‘Venezuela’ coup. It is truly disgusting to behold because it is being done carelessly, with callous disregard, very much out in the open. I am very hopeful this may not succeed….it will fail, and Guido will ultimately have a change of heart; for the good of his country.
I can visualize, that the people of Venezuela will unite together, and not be overcome by the U.S. imperial efforts to destabilize their nation. Let me be clear that this coup attempt may lead to chaos in Venezuela… might nonetheless, work against the war-mongers in the end. The whole world is watching these events unfold. People in the nations of our world can see ever more clearly what is being done by these state actors. The forces of good shall prevail over the forces of evil forever.
We witnessed what happened in Iraq, then again, saw what happened in Libya, followed by the tragic events in Syria. And now we are all seeing the intervening forces go to work in Venezuela. It has happened before and is more than likely to emerge that each time, with each new intervention, the truth about what is actually going on, has become clearer. Without an iota of doubt, this inevitable conflict between the factions mentioned
above, shall get closer and closer.
This collision is inevitable but an imminent reality. And regional tensions are rising, especially as the forces of evil and imperialism have in recent years gone into a kind of militaristic overdrive. This is but also quite clear.
What I truly believe, this crucial collision of historic significance is not becoming so apparent to people, especially the peace-loving people of the world. The point of deepest concern is that is that this impending conflict, will eventually be violent. And, incredibly so! 
Maduro with Putin
The fact that I am concerned about is:
this conflict will eventually become violent, to sufficiently, derive its impact from today’s war-mongers, who seem to be in control of our world. This particular faction derived inspiration from putting an end human lives, only for profit.
We are seeing obvious signs in the Western Hemisphere that the police forces in these countries are going through a clearly defined program of ‘militarization’. Is it really, as they say, simply a kind of an unforeseen, act of innocence because these countries have a surplus of military equipment and Arsenal? 
Or, had they been preparing for an eventual popular uprising all this while?
We also know that these people are in the business of controlling populations. Do you not think they have considered the possibility, that their nation might one day stand up against them? Yes, of course, they have considered this. They know as well as anyone else, that this conflict is inevitable, and so they have taken measures, well in advance, to protect themselves as and when it erupts.
Beyond doubt, the factional conflict is on the rise, and soon it will come to take up a monstrous shape and posture. When it finally does so, there will consequently be a mammoth struggle, generating great violence …..that will be perpetrated against all those who stand up for peace. 
All of us must expect this conflict of gigantic proportion, to take shape. And therefore, we need ourselves to prepare for this calamity. We have a genuine reason at stake, for doing so and bear an ethical responsibility to prepare ourselves for the collision, face this and then overcome it. With our limited resources! Our struggle against these forces will indeed be a service to our nation and humanity.
  Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi

Nazarul Islam

The author is a former Educator, based in Chicago (USA).

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