13-year-old Chennai musical prodigy wins $1 million on US show, hailed by AR Rahman

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Meet the 13-year old who has won AR Rahman’s heart and USD 1 million!

Lydian Nadhaswram, the child prodigy from Chennai-based KM Music Conservatory, has been making waves the world over with his brilliance and vivacity at the keys.

With signature performances including playing blindfolded, playing two pianos, and dazzling at breath-taking speeds, this young talent has already become a household name with viral Youtube videos and appearances on the likes of ‘The Ellen Show’.

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Now with his success on the US show and winning the title and $1 million prizes, the future path of Nadhaswaram rising as a budding star seems assured.

Principal and founder the academy AR Rahman on Thursday greeted Nadhaswaram saying, “Lydian’s success is India’s success, in a world with so much negativity and restlessness, this has brought hope, love, and happiness to our lives. Who knew that KMMC, a seed sown 11 years ago, would bring such inspiration to so many, such is the extraordinary power of music.”

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After joining KM, Nadhaswaram quickly shifted to studying piano in our Russian Piano studio where his performance flair was further developed. Even from that time, it was clear he would reach international platforms.

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KM Music Conservatory hosted a special function on Thursday to honor Lydian’s achievements. The event was made all the more special with his inspirational win on the international CBS show ‘The World’s Best’.

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Copy Edited by Adam Rizvi

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