Gwalior Girl Shoots Self with Dad’s Gun playing Russian Roulette with friend on WhatsApp

Karishma Yadav, 21, was on a video chat with her friend when she decided to ‘test her luck’ and shot herself in the head with her father’s revolver.


Bhopal, Sept 11: A 21-year-old daughter of a retired Madhya Pradesh police Subedar allegedly killed herself while playing Russian roulette on a WhatsApp video chat with her friend in Delhi.

The victim, identified as Karishma Yadav, was on a live video chat with her friend Nazma, who was travelling in Delhi Metro on Friday when the incident took place.

Karishma was the daughter Arvind Yadav, a retired police Subedar in MP police. She shot self in the head with her father’s revolver while playing the lethal game to “test her luck”, the police said.
Russian roulette is a game of chance in which the player places a single round in a revolver, spins the chamber and pulls the trigger while placing the gun at one’s own head.

The police found that Karishma’s last call was made to Nazma. “We talked to her in detail and she told us how Karishma was playing with the gun and the conversation she had with Karishma,” said investigating officer Sudesh Tiwari told the media.

Nazma told police that her friend showed her revolver on live chat and said, “There is only one bullet in this revolver and I don’t know where it is.” She then put the revolver above her ear and added: “Let’s see if fate has destined death for me.”

Nazma said the call got disconnected after that and it was perhaps during this duration that Karishma pulled the trigger and shot herself in the head.

Police said Karishma’s brother, who had gone to the market, returned home to find his sister in a pool of blood. He took her to a nearby hospital where she died on Monday morning.


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