Sunday, 24 February 2019

Delhi’s ‘Sick’ Mohalla Clinics: Is This Arvind Kejriwal’s Dream?

This is the state of AAP’s world-famous Mohalla Clinics in Delhi, 2 years after they were made operational.
It is shocking.

Out of the promised 1000, AAP has set up only 164 clinics and a sizeable number are lying unused. So here is the math of public money wasted.

Assuming 20% of these clinics are in-operational and each clinic treats 300 patients every day, thereby saving an average of Rs.500 per patient in treatment costs, we are looking at Rs.200 crores of public savings wasted on private doctors and clinics every year.

So AAP has spent Rs.200 crores of public money to set up clinics that lead to Rs.200 crores of additional public spending.

What use is such a development model?

Arvind Kejriwal has allocated an additional Rs.400 odd crores for these clinics in 2018. So we can safely assume that 20% of these clinics won’t work and lead to an additional spending of another Rs.400 crores from poor man’s pocket. This kind of development model is as ridiculous as the traditional model of development. So what is so special about AAP?

After putting down his head down for 18 months, AK is back with his old confrontational ways as 2019 is nearing. Like BJP blames the Congress for their own inefficiencies, AK blames the LG.
Whether it is Modi or AK, both wear the “I am non-corrupt” badge to deflect their governance failures. It doesn’t mean a thing to me. I am also non-corrupt, but not a soul has given me any medals for it in the corporate world.

The lesson I have learned from being anti versus pro is this –

My political beliefs and emotions are being used to polarise me to vote. I am not allowed to use my head. I have to use my heart and vote. Which is why I was fooled by AAP and AK. And so many Modi Bhakts, who are dreaming of Hindu Rashtra and Ram Mandir, are being fooled by BJP and RSS. Because they know we are emotional fools who can be turned and twisted to suit their power agendas.

I have said this earlier and I say it again. Start looking at a political party like a service provider. It does not matter if you are a BJP Bhakt or an AAP supporter. As a BJP Bhakt, if you have voted BJP for Ram Mandir and Hindu Rashtra, then at least question them about their inability to do so for 20 years. Don’t back them blindly and fight against fellow voters with different political beliefs. Ask them to announce a plan and a deadline. Remember how Modi announced “Savva Lakh Karod” for Bihar during elections? Where is that Savva Lakh Karod?

Similarly, when Mohan Bhagwat says India is a Hindu Rashtra, ask him how? Ask him why he says so when the Constitution says otherwise. Ask him when will he change the Constitution to change India into a Hindu country. Don’t keep dreaming about it. It’s been close to 100 years, RSS has been polarising Hindus with such implausible ideas.

Which is why I have always said that Political Manifestos need to be legalized in Court of Law. Parties should be penalized and jailed for not achieving their promises. Without such a system in place, politicians get away by announcing anything they feel like for votes.

AK is no different. Maybe slightly better than BJP. But he needs to deliver on his promises. Else I really don’t care about his honesty and integrity. I want to see results and I am willing to back anybody from any party who can deliver them for the country.

No political ideologies for me. These incompetent politicians with slipshod execution have ruined this country for 70 years. It is time we assert ourselves and ask uncomfortable questions without taking sides. If not for us, then at least for our children. Because they are going to inherit what we agree or refuse to do today with the politics in this country.

Copy edited by Adam Rizvi

The writer Ninad Vengurlekar is Masters in Education Technology, from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He runs an EdTech start-up and is based out of Mumbai.

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