Saturday, 25 May 2019

“Too In Love To Study” Cupid hampers UP Student’s Answer Sheets, examiners stumped

NEW DELHI: For love is blind, and lover’s cannot see, the stupid follies they themselves commit.The Shakespearean adage seems to be working most effectively for students reading their board exams from Uttar Pradesh. Examiners checking answer sheets have revealed amusing instances of appeals that love had cluoded their mind and also cash bribes to get them to pass.
From Rs. 300 bribes to a note explaining that “love” distracted him from exam preparations, desperate students in Uttar Pradesh have resorted to every trick in the book to ensure they clear their board exams.
In one answer sheet for a Class XII chemistry paper, instead of answers, examiners found a love note.
“Yeh mohabbat bhi kya cheez hai, na jeene deti hai, na marne deti hai. Yeh dua karo ki woh na mile toh mai mar hi jau” (Love is strange, it doesn’t let me live or die. Pray that if I don’t get her, I die), wrote a love-sick student in his answer sheet. His earnest explanation for his complete lack of exam prep: he was too distracted in love.
The note even ended with an apology: “Isko likhne ke liye sir very, very sorry” (Sir, I’m very, very sorry for writing this).
But that’s not the only such note that examiners in UP encountered.
“I don’t have a mother. My father will kill me,” begged one student. “My father died when I was very young. I have to help out around the house. Please promote me to next class,” pleaded another.
Others brazenly included cash along with their answer sheets.
One cheeky student even threw in a rhyming couplet: “Chhitthi, chhitthi ja sir ke paas. Sir ki marzi fail kare ya pass.” We can’t help but wonder whether he was expecting to get points for creativity.

Dr. Shirin Abbas is the Bureau Chief "TheIndiaObserver.Com". She is a world-renowned journalist, winner of several national and international awards for her contribution to Media Research.The first recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship for Print Journalism in 1999 from her state of Uttar Pradesh. Under the same, she studied at the School of Media, Communication, and Design at the University Of Westminster, London and interned with The Irish Times, Dublin. She has been a journalist for over three decades, working at several national English dailies in North India. She completed her PhD. in Mass Communication in 2016.

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