Saturday, 23 February 2019

Ram Temple Issue will dominate Elections 2019: Swamy

Swamy said that Elections 2019 would be fought on a Hindutva agenda and Ram Temple.

New Delhi, AUGUST 7: Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday said that Narendra Modi won in 2014 not on the agenda of development but on the agenda of Hindutva and corruption.

Mincing no words, he said that 2019 would be fought on the same Hindutva agenda and on the issue of Ram Temple.

“The elections next year will be fought on the idea of building the Ram Mandir,” he further said.

The senior leader added that there was an attack on Hindutuva in the country, which BJP will ensure that it tells the public about.

“People who work on development agenda also lose elections. Elections are fought on sentiments also,” Swamy said.

Swamy said that the BJP wanted the Ram Temple to be established before December so that it helps BJP win the election.

“We didn’t win on the agenda of development. We won because of Hindutva and our anti-corruption drive. That is the reason why people came out, irrespective of caste and gender, and voted for us,” Swamy said.

Swamy maintained that there was freedom in his party and his views, if not right away, do get around.

“There is freedom to speak in our party. The party may not agree to what I say immediately but it happens. The finance minister didn’t listen to me in GST but the PM did and he incorporated my suggestions on implementation of GST,” said Swamy.

Dismissing the question on Rafale deal, Swamy said most Congress leaders would be behind the bars by the time 2019 elections take place.

“By the time 2019 comes, many Congress leaders will be in jail,” Swamy said. He also challenged the Congress leaders to go to court if they wanted details on the controversial Rafale deal.

“I didn’t ask the government for help during the National Herald case. Neither did I seek help during the 2G case. Congress has a lot of lawyers in its party, why don’t they file a private complaint and fight the government on Rafale,” he said.

The senior leader however was critical of his party on the recent Parliamentary committee report on defence allocation and called the lowest capital expenditure on defence as “worrisome”.

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