Saturday, 19 August 2017

Gorakhpur Tragedy!!! Beyond words….

Unimaginable, Irresponsible, indescribable, this is what happened, this is the state of my state, Utter Pradesh, Not just a child over 60 lives were lost, children, dozens of children, who lost their lives on a very crazy, stupid reason NO OXYGEN that too in the medical institute, Baba Raghav Das Hospital in Gorakhpur,District the city of the chief minister Yog. These deaths kept happening over a five day period.As a father my heart goes to all the parents who lost their children, This is nothing but a mass murder, Govt and its administration’s hands are soaked in blood.

These were children who lost their lives, the parents who trusted the system will have to live with their loss for ever, their lives will never be the same, it will never be easy. The whole thing makes me sick It’s all a deadly mess,

It’s a bloody administration, bloody govt, bloody corrupt officials, together they are nothing but bullshit. Someone has to answer this and take responsibility, enough is enough, I understand Mr. Modi and Mr. Yogi you both do not understand the feelings of a father, you are not a parent, you have failed in your basic duty towards your citizens,the blood of these deaths of infants, toddlers and children are on your hands. As I said enough is enough.

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