Monday, 21 January 2019

Cliff Richard thanks city of birth in India for mural in his honor

Music legend, singer Cliff Richard, born Harry Roger Webb, in Lucknow India in 1940, has thanked his city of birth for remembering him through a mural painted outside the venue of the imminent UP Investor’s Meet, which will be drawing participants from far and wide to the state in February third week.

The music legend acknowledged the mural in his honor through his official Facebook account on Tuesday saying, “It’s seven decades since I was born in Lucknow, India, and I cannot believe that they would honor me there in such a public way. If anyone in Lucknow is reading this then thank you for remembering me. Cliff”

The mural has been painted alongside Lucknow’s famous airport highway Shaheed Path (Martyrs’ Road) leading to the venue of the UP Investor’s summit under an artists’ project titled #BorninLucknow.

The founder of Delhi Street Art, Yogesh Saini, which is creating the murals has stated to be “super stoked” at receiving an acknowledgement of their artwork by Sir Cliff Richard. “After we painted the Richard mural, I went on twitter to see if I could tag him but did not find the legendary musician on Twitter. He then tagged an official looking fan account of Sir Cliff Richard on Facebook three days ago and forgot all about it.

On Tuesday Saini was taken aback to find a message on his Facebook account from a person running a radio station in New Zealand, apparently close to the pop star, who had shared the Delhi Street Art’s post with Sir Richard. Saini reveals, “This person said Sir Richard had liked the post and reacted to it too. And he then sent me a link to Cliff Richard’s Facebook account where he had thanked Lucknow for giving him this honor and remembering him. I was super stoked that Sir Richard took notice and sent a personal note of appreciation! It shows that deep down he is a humble, down-to-earth person” Saini stated.

Sir Cliff Richard was born at Lucknow’s King George’s Medical College Hospital in 1940.His paternal grandfather lived in the colony near the Sibtainabad Imambara in the bustling central marketplace of Hazratganj in Lucknow, the state capital of India’s most populous and politically active state  of Uttar Pradesh.

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